Worship with Us

All are warmly welcome to worship with us on Sundays at 10am.  Please contact Rev. Annie with any questions.

worship service

How Do Episcopalians Worship?

Our worship is liturgical, literally meaning “the work of the people.” We participate in creative, energizing worship that engages the senses, provides rhythm and balance through the church year, is formed by ancient rites that include communal prayers, music, responses, and actions, and prepares us to be Christ’s hands in the world. The Book of Common Prayer outlines our liturgy. If you are familiar with Roman Cathoic or Lutheran services, you will find Episcopal services remarkably similar. The central rite is the Service of Holy Eucharist (Communion). Eucharist is a Greek word meaning thanksgiving. We find out unity in shared worship, not in enforced agreement. (Adapted from the Welcome brochure from the Diocese of Olympia.)

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