• Diocese of Olympia
  • Believe Out Loud – Believe Out Loud is a digital community working to move all people toward an expansive, transformative understanding of divine love. We center and sanctify queer spirituality across our programs, from our online worship services led by LGBTQIA faith leaders to our grantmaking program supporting faith-driven LGBTQIA peacebuilders around the world. On our social media platforms, hundreds of thousands of queer people of faith and allies gather to experience affirmation of their divinity—and to heal from damaging societal messages that alienate the LGBTQIA community from spiritual resources.
  • The Episcopal Church – site for the national church
  • Sustaining Earth – Carbon tracking – We at home contribute 40% of the carbon output which we can minimize with your help and support in the Sustaining Earth. A Call to action for all Episcopalians.

Bible Resources  

  • Bible Gateway – Find bible passages in various translations.
  • Lectionary Page – The schedule of readings and feast days used by the Episcopal Church arranged in a handy Calendar.

​Devotionals & Daily Office Links