Dear St. Anne’s friends,

I’m thrilled that it snows here! St. Anne’s is extra charming with a blanket of snow on the lawn. I have been reminiscing about trips to the mountains as a child and many ski trips as an adult. Looking back on those ski trips I remembered how I would drove up to Mammoth Mountain or Lake Tahoe in snowstorms. We would leave right after midnight to be the first on the slopes. If I could still see the orange tops of the snow markers along Route 395, I would keep on driving! Those bolder days are over. With your warnings, I am now very aware of black ice lurking on the roads including the bridge between Camas and Washougal on route 14. It has become a place of lots of prayer for me.

Integrating prayer into our daily lives isn’t that hard to do. Our inner dialog, our concerns and hopes can always become a prayer. Wednesdays during Lent we are offering a time to learn and practice a variety of ways to pray. Each “Ways to Pray” session stands alone, so join us when you can at noon in the church. In addition, there are many websites and prayer apps available to integrate prayer into our days. A list will be available in the back of the church for you to pick up and to try a few.

God loves us completely and wants to have a close and intimate relationship with each of us.  Just like any other relationship, intentional time spent together helps to bring us closer. God will meet us exactly where we are and God isn’t picky – just talk with God, share what’s on your heart and mind, ask for help, and express gratitude.

As author Anne Lamott distilled prayer, it’s as simple as “Help, Thanks, Wow”.


A Note From Rev. Annie – March 2023